The Zero Number Scare!

With zero car sales in April, will the numbers pick after lockdown? Should you go for a Chinese brand… Ever?

car sales in india, april hits zero number due to chinese virus

All manufacturers looked at a big Zero in their sales chart in April 2020 as Showrooms and multi brand outlets reported 0 Car sales. Due to country wide lock down and compliance in place to close all non essential services and retail activity, No sales happened at any of the outlets of any automobile manufacturer. Dealers were sitting on slow moving stock even before the lock down due to a slowdown in India’s Auto sector, while the lock down has nailed the coffins for hopes of recovering soon.

There used to be talk about auto sector recovering and the usual problem of “too many cars on the road”. Both talks have gone south with not one maker selling a single piece of vehicle in April. Maruti that sold 1.31Lakh units last year, Hyundai following with 42k, Mahindra at 18k, Tata at 12k, Honda at 11K, Toyota at 10K, and others below this mark, last April, all posted Zero sales for April 2020.

What’s more scary for the sector is that more than half of May has passed by and things are not looking good. With Chinese 2019 virus still wreaking havoc on each and every country on the planet, everyone is focused on bringing food to the table besides firefighting the situation in hospitals.

What’s even more disturbing is the fact that due to dis-balance in world order, the chances of peace are looking weak. Countries across the globe rightly blame China for the pendamic and there may be retaliation economically if not militarily. The latter does not seem remote either, with a dubious China and Pakistan nexus rapidly making strategic changes in PoK and USA sailing it’s boats in South China sea (due to Chinese aggressive build up in the region), there may be a war. And if war comes, we can bid goodbye to recovery for a long, long time.

With those notes, it’s essential that one understands their financial commitments before plunging into buying a new car. Keeping our readers interest first and the auto industry only next to it, we recommend weighing the pros and cons carefully before going in for a new car.

If you do decide to buy however, it’s best to invest in an Indian brand. Not only does it support our own industry but Chinese and other brands may not stand the test of time as India will awaken to a new world order. Some brands may exit the Indian auto sector and you may be a lonely owner of an abandoned manufacturer.

What do you think?

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